December 17, 2011

Small Update

When we moved into our house one of the first rooms to be furnished was the dining room.  We already had the table (Craigslist, the wine tower (Bed, Bath, & Beyond clearance), and curtains (Ross), what more did we need?  We also added the china cabinet but the room was still missing something.  A rug!

Enter: Garden Ridge.  We found this rug for a steal there.  Of course it did come with a little bit of labor.  By labor I mean me sitting on a pallette while Hubs man handled all the rugs until we found the "perfect" one, which just so happened to be the very last one buried under about 25ish others.

Since adding the rug to the room we have decided the walls need to be painted.  We want to keep it neutral so we're not locked into a certain color scheme so we're thinking just a darker beige of some sort.

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