December 16, 2011


As I've mentioned before I had an idea to make a collage of mirrors in our upstairs guest bathroom.  I had 2 mirrors that I had got at a yard sale and Salvation Army that I spray painted and was ready to hang.  I felt silly just hanging 2 mirrors so I patiently waited until I found at least a 3rd mirror.  Mrs. DeVore swooped in and saved the day once again.  Her mom actually found a small mirror that is perfect!  FINALLY, I could hang the mirrors.  I did and it looked amazing.  The camera was downstairs and I was upstairs so I kind of didn't get a picture of it.  This is really super stinky because the next day one of the mirrors was busted on the floor.  Luckily for me (and the next 7 years of my life) it was just the frame that shattered and not the mirror.  Whew, crisis kind of averted.

Once again I'm stuck with only 2 mirrors, back to square 1.

Fast forward about a week when I stumbled upon an estate sale.  I found this mirror and a matching one for a few bucks.  I though I would try my hand at "Rub 'n Buff" so I bought some at Hobby Lobby (it's in the craft/glue section).  The directions say to put it directly on your finger and rub it on the item.  Since I'm pregnant and all I was thinking this might not be the best idea considering you would have to wash it off your finger with paint thinner.  I figure I probably expose myself (and this baby) to more paint/paint thinner/ hair color/ etc. than I probably should in the first place so I wore a rubber cleaning glove during the process.  I'm not quite sure if that's why it didn't turn out as I would hope or not. 

FINALLY, 3 mirrors again, time to hang this one.  As I was hammering in the nail to hang it, CRASH, the round mirror fell and shattered.  Once again though, just the frame broke and not the mirror, whew.  I was still super upset because I bought that mirror at a yard sale of a hoarder for $1 and I thought that was a cool story, bro.  After I threw my hissy fit about it by myself and my sweet husband came upstairs to check on me.  I figured out that I could glue it all back together but I would just have to spray paint it, AGAIN.

These are the 2 mirrors pre-busted up. Isn't it ironic that I have a pic of the 2 mirrors that fell and broke?  It's almost like they knew it was going to happen.  It was fate.

Throughout this whole process I realized that I didn't even like the mirrors on that wall in the bathroom and decided to hang them over the throne instead.  I went ahead and hung the 2 mirrors and then decided I really need to go ahead and glue the round one back together.  IT WORKED!!!  I have not spray painted it because well, if it's going to fall right back off the wall I don't want to waste time and money spray painting it.  So far it has been hanging up for a few days so it looks like I will be spraying it after all.
I also finally bought a towel bar and toliet paper holder.  The only thing really left for this bathroom is a new large mirror for over the sink.  It's kind of an odd measurement though so that might take a while. 

 The long rectagle mirror is the one I used Rub 'n Buff on.
Sorry for allt he shadows.  I was trying to get pictures taken before I left for work and was rushing!

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