March 20, 2012

Nursery Final Reveal with a Lil Extra

The nursery has been done for a little while now and I just hadn't taken pictures to post on here.  I'm glad it's staying sunny outside longer helps give me a little bit more motivation.

Oh, looky there...the reason why I haven't blogged in so long!  Look who decided to show up!!!

March 19, 2012

"M" Art

There was a small strip of wall above the IKEA spice rack bookshelves in the nursery where I wanted to make a little collage of items.  The first thing I knew I wanted was a letter "M" for our sweet baby's name.  I bought this paper mache letter M from Hobby Lobby using my weekly coupon so it didn't cost much more than $1.  
Then I primed it and spray painted it with Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze.  While it was drying I bought some fabric that looked like an atlas and traced the letter on it and then cut it out with fabric scissors.  I then used Modge Podge and applied it to just the front of the letter.  Here's the finished product!

March 18, 2012

DIY Striped Curtains

So we've seen these all over the blog world and I guess I figured it was my turn to give it a go.  I found these curtains at Tar-jay for about $14!  I was originally planning on using ones from IKEA but the Tar-jay ones ended up being less expensive.

Room Essentials® Sailcloth Window Panel Pair - White.Opens in a new window
You can order them online hereYou're welcome Target.

When it comes to having perfectly straight lines I always get nervous and call in the Hubs for help.  I also referred to these 2 great tutorials:

Home Depot had their gallon size Martha Stewart paint on sale for $12 so I picked up a gallon along with some "textile medium" that I found at a local craft store.  I wanted to be able to wash these curtains if need be since they would be in a nursery of a boy (aka probably always going to be dirty).

Since I used the same exact curtains as Reckless Glamour it made life super easy since she already did the measurements ( I HATE math).

It was super easy (just time consuming) to tape off the stripes...until I got to the bottom and one side had less of a stripe than the other.  I called in reinforcements (aka Hubs).  I almost had a breakdown until my phone rang and I chatted for a while with a friend and then by the time I was done Hubs had fixed it all!  I just love him! 
He said that it wasn't really my error that the curtains were sewn wrong...not sure if this is completely true but it made me feel a little better.

While we were working on these it was pretty darn cold so I didn't want to paint these outside and risk the paint freezing before it had time to dry.  We laid down a bunch of cardboard and laid the panels on top of that. 

Then i went to work painting away with a small foam roller.  

Here they are in all their orange glory!