September 19, 2011

Furniture for Grandma Doris

We have these friends that we claim as family.  We usually go on vacation with them every summer and have a blast.  Their grandma's name is Doris and she is a riot.  They got wind that I'm into furniture and she asked me to redo this ooooollllllddddd piece that she had.  It's an end table that was her mother's.  It had an awful ring on the top of it where someone had over watered a plant a few too many times.  Her only request is that it be stained Mahogony to make it look like it used too. 

*please use your imagination on what the table looked like before...forgot to take a pic*

After a couple hours (yes hours) of sanding I wiped it down and then applied a wood conditioner.  I was going to use some polystain I had already but wouldn't you know it that when I opened the can it had congealed.  Darn the bad luck.  Off to Home Depot I went.  It took 2 coats everywhere but 3 coats on the top and middle section. 

Hopefully this is what Grandma Doris was looking for!

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