September 14, 2011

Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

Even though it is not technically fall yet I gave in and decorated for it!  Let's just say when it is officially fall my house will be welcoming it with open arms.  This is the first fall season in our new house so our decoartions are looking a little sparse. 

The first order of business was a fall wreath.  I went online to check the ad for Hobby Lobby and as luck would have it all their fall wreath picks were 50% off!  I made a mad dash there on my lunch break and assembled a wreath for our door.  I ended up going back the next day and bought more stuff to make some wreaths for the booth.  It will be fall there too ya know!

I started with a simple grapevine wreath.  I was in luck because these were not suppsoed to be 50% off but the lady rang them up as floral and took 50% off!  YAY!  Sometimes its great when people make mistakes!

Here are some of my many picks.  These are just the ones for the wreath I am keeping.

After a little hot glue and some floral wire here are the finished products.

My husband made me so proud.  While working on the wreaths I made the comment that our dining room table looked like fall thew up all over it and his response was, "I'm ok with that, I love fall!"  Made me smile :)

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