September 16, 2011

We're Gonna be Famous!

Not really but that's what I felt like when I went up to the booth yesterday.  I was just minding my own beeswax going to drop off some loot in the booth when I walked up and there was a full blown photo shoot going on.  My heart stopped for a second.  I was a little star struck because while I know Mrs. DeVore's stuff is pretty freaking amazing, mine just sometimes borderlines on amazing.  I kindly asked if I could put my stuff in the booth and they were super nice about it.  I tried to hurry up but I felt like they were watching my every move.  All I could think was, please don't trip, please don't flash your bum on accident (I was wearing a dress), just act cool. 

Turns out they were from a yarn company that distributes to places like Michaels.  They were using our booth and our stuff as props and backgrounds for photos of the yarn.  Not just balls of yarn, but like a blanket they made out of their yarn. 

Here they are hard at work.

Many apologies for the crappy iPod photos.  I'm just glad I had it with me to document this craziness!

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