September 23, 2011

Bird Watching

It's been a while since I've done some painting on canvas so I figured it was high time to give it a go again.  This is my last small canvas that came in the 3 pack at Ross (totally random).  I wasn't quite sure what to paint on it but then I remembered the last time the Hubs and I were in a Rug Store there was a pillow that had this cute bird design on it (also totally random).  I knew I wouldn't remember it exactly so I whipped out my phone and snapped a pic of it.  That was months ago.  I'm so glad I used my noggin about it though because it took me no time at all to whip up this little diddy.

I used some of my blue water colors to paint the background.  Then I went back after they dried and did the whole bird and branches deal. 

For some reason it looks green here but I promise it's blue
Once again, Hubs scored points because when he came home from work he commented on how much he liked it!  We don't have much blue in our house though so off to the booth it goes.

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