September 01, 2011

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

I've been dying to make those and I finally had a legit reason to.  My friend Sarah is having a baby girl in October and over the weekend all of us Sunday School gals threw her a shower.  Thus...the baby pink lemonade cupcakes.

The recipe I used for the cupcakes I found here.  I also used her recipe for the icing as well.  I just decided to use 1 color instead of 2.  I also added a little bit of lemon zest to both the cupcake batter and the icing to give it a little extra zing. 

For the garnish I added pink sugar sprinkles and cut up lemon triangles.  I figured I had a whole lemon that was going to go to waste (you know, the lemon that I used a little bit of zest from) so might as well use it up!  I think lemon zest swirly things would be pretty on top too but I don't have a zester (I use a cheese grater) and I'm not that talented.

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