June 24, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We have been on a short vacation.

Our extended family has a week long family reunion every other year.  We have done this 3 times (the hubs and I have been able to participate in 2).  The first year we went to Cherry Grove in SC.  It was a blast. 

This past weekend it was that time again but this time they choose Greensboro, GA.  We stayed in a mansion off of Lake Oconee.  It was 12,000 sq ft on 12.8 acres.  It had a pool with a hot tub and waterfall, pool table, sauna room, steam room, theatre room, wine cellar, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, cedar lined closets, 2 full kitchens, boat house, apartment above the garage, golf carts, and it backed up to the lake.  Here it is:

The garage with the apartment over it.

The loooonggg driveway.

The view from the back

The dining room.  Those doors open up onto the front porch.

This is what you saw when you walked in the main door.

A landing half way down the stairs.

The wine cellar and tasting area.

The lounge area.  The sauna, steam room, theater room, second kitchen, and wine cellar were off of this main room.  The doors also opened up to outside to lead you directly to the pool.

The house itself was amazing.  Some of the decorations were amazing but the decorations looked thrown together.  Some parts of it looked like it was stuck in the late 90s or early 00s (how do you even say that?!).  It made me wish I had a can of spray paint with me! 

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