June 01, 2011

Here comes the bride...

One of my friends from Sunday School's little sister was getting married.  Unfortunately there were $0 for the wedding because their dad passed away earlier this year and they are trying to wrap up all the financial stuff.  This is the ultimate wedding on a budget.  It just goes to show you can do it!

Paper lanterns hung from the porch right next to the buffet tables

Jennifer made the cupcakes and icing at home in Concord and then iced them once we got there.  Aren't they adoarable?

Paper lanterns hung from the trees back in one corner of the yard.

We lined the porch railing with votives and tealights.

We defined the walkways with lanterns that had candles in them.

We placed gold flower floating candles in the pool.  Just a tip...turn the filter off when doing this because it will suck them all in, flame and all!

The bride waiting at the front of the house to meet her groom.

The groom's one request was that she wear her hair down.  She made a necklace out of pearls that we used as a headband and drapped it throughout her hair.  Even with the humid temperatures her hair held up wonderfully throughout the entire evening.
*sigh of relief*

It hard started to sprinkle a few minutes prior to her walking down the aisle but it held off for the rest of the night!

We hung Mason jars in the trees with tea lights in them.  This picture does not do them justice.  Once it started to be dusk they looked like fire flies in the trees!  I might put these in the trees in my backyard for whenever we have cookouts!

This guy was my favorite guest.

All of the food that the ladies bought and prepared.  We all pooled together our white serving ware and went to BJ's to buy the food in bulk.

This was us while the wedding ceremony was going on.  Hope it's not bad luck to eat the cupcakes before they are acutally married!!!

This arch was about $15 at Hobby Lobby and then we used all the left over greenery and flowers from my wedding to spruce it up.  Candace provided all the silver pots that she had left over from her wedding.

Since we didn't get a picture of all us helpers together this one will have to suffice. 

What a day!

Some of the other girls that helped with the wedding have blogs.  You can check them out here:

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  1. love the pics! i think we may have found our "calling" to be wedding planners... lol =)