June 14, 2011


I bought this bookshelf at a yard sale about a month or so ago.  Just your plain ol run of the mill cheapo bookshelf.  Not anymore!  

I primed and painted the whole thing white.  I was going to back the whole thing with scrapbook paper and modge podge but my local fabric store was having a sale so I decided on fabric instead.  

I wanted something a little fun and funky but neutral enough so the bookshelf could be moved to another room later on.  Love this fabric!  I ironed it before putting it on the bookshelf
(man I hate ironing)

My wonderful husband helped me when it came to putting the fabric on the back.  He took the nails out and removed the back of the bookshelf completely.  We then laid it out on a desk that is in the garage waiting to be refinished and used spray adhesive all over the backing.  Then we laid the fabric on top and smoothed it out to remove any bubbles.  After all that we flipped it over and sprayed the edges with adhesive so the fabric would wrap all the way around and be more secure.  Still not done...then the hubs nailed the backing back onto the back of the shelf (let's say back one more time...back back back)
while I held it in place. 


Time to organize all the books.  I have them organized by genre and starting today will be reorganizing to put them in alphabetical order.  Here's a fun fact- one day when I grow up I would like to be a libriarian. 

Here is my Janet Evanovich collection.  I love her.  I waited in line for over 4 hours to meet her and by golly I would do it again.  If you live in the Charlotte area you really need to read "Motor Mouth", it takes place here!  So cool!


  1. So stinkin' cute! And what a great idea! :)

  2. this looks great! i love the fabric choice =)

  3. The bookshelf looks wonderful with its new backing, great choice!

  4. Cool! I like your fabric—I used a black & white fabric with teal accents for my bookshelf redo, too! (I'm adding a teal ribbon around the inside edge of the back, too.)

    Good job!

  5. i meant to ask you in my last comment... but did you make and add the additional shelfs or did they come with it?

  6. they came with it, I was just too lazy to put them back in the "before" picture.

  7. Great idea!


  8. It looks great! Love the fabric choice!

  9. Wow, the fabric was a great touch!

  10. Hey Megg! I stumbled upon your blog from the Depot, because I'm in the booth directly diagonal from yours (the one with the gray beadboard). I split the booth with my parents, so don't judge me for all of the farmhouse-ish rustic decor :)

    My blog is BurlapandLaceBlog.blogspot.com, I'd love for you to stop by since you're local!

    Anyway, I have been searching all over the earth for this VERY fabric!!! Where did you find it, and PLEASE tell me they still have it!

    I'm following your blog now so I can keep up with your projects! :)