May 10, 2012

Coffee Table

I found this coffee table on my lunch break one day at good ol' Goodwill.  It was only $10! 

One edge was busted up pretty good but nothing I couldn't fix.


The first thing I did was heavily apply wood filler to that spot to make it flush with the rest of the side.  Then I used spray primer on the entire piece and then it sat in my garage for a few months.  Whoops.  What can I say? I was very pregnant then.

Fast forward those few months....I spray painted the entire piece with American Accents Heirloom White. 

I didn't like the coverage I was getting on the top of the piece though so I rolled 2 coats of white paint on and then once that dried went back again with 2 more coats of the spray paint. Kind of goofy I know but nothing was covering the way I wanted it to.

I actually finished this piece back in January but I never got around to taking a picture of it until today!  Lazy or decide ;)

This is the corner that was all banged up...not banged up anymore.

I might do a dark brown glaze on the sides but for now this is how it's staying.


  1. Do the glaze, you won't be disappointed.

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