May 11, 2012

Closet Furniture

I found this piece on Craigslist and loved the shape of it instantly.  My sweet Hubs drove about 35 minutes with me to go pick it up.  We took the dog too, it was a family affair.  Loved the piece, loved the price, loaded it up!  

We bought it to use for extra storage in our closet.  It does make me kind of sad that it will be in there where no one will see it but oh well.  It was this aged funky yellow color when we bought it.  Notice the top is a white laminate material.  I just sanded it a tad (just enough to rough it up), primed it with a roller, and painted it with a roller.  Before doing all of that though I did remove the hardware.  I didn't want to spend extra money on hardware because I kind of liked the way the existing hardware looked.  I just gave it a little makeover with some white spray paint.

For the paint color I had some oops paint left over from our master bath and nightstands.

I was going to remove my hair tools and the hubs' stuff off the top but I thought I would just keep it real!  It's our's not all that glamorous. 

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