April 05, 2011

DIY Chest of Drawers

Here is the chest of drawers I showed you in the craigslist post.  

I removed all the handles and took the drawers out.  I then sanded the whole thing.  There were some parts that were the "pressed board" type stuff (I don't really know the technical name) so I just roughed those up a little bit.  I then primed it and let it dry for about an hour...just to be sure.  Then I painted it with your typical black paint.  I used a satin finish.  It is actually from the same gallon I bought for the tableI bought all new hardware at Lowe's and I'm kind of partial, but I really think it makes the piece.

The little white pineapple on top was quite a deal.  It was FREE!  I forgot to take a before picture so you are just getting the after (sowwy).  Mrs. DeVore and I had the ultimate thrifting/yardsale/fun day.  It was a "great success" (said in a Borat voice).  We showed up to one of the yard sales late and apparently the neighborhood was going to have a donation service come and pick up the stuff that didn't sell so they put it at the end of the driveways.  I know what you're thinking....and yes we did it.  We dug through the bags at the end of the driveways.  I got a Tupperware 9x14 cake container for free, a basket, and the cute pineapple!  The embarrasing part it the guy that lived at the house came outside while we were snooping through his stuff.  Whoops.

I spray painted the pineapple white to go more with my decor.  It actually has a candle inside but I painted it shut.
I also found the book on top at Goodwill for $1.39.  Not only does it make me look studious it goes with the whole red and black thing.

These little guys also live on top of the new piece.  They are succulents called "Hens and Chickens".  Why you ask...well I have no idea.  You'll have to Google that and let me know.  You just break off the leaves and set them on top of dirt and they grow!  It's a pretty amazing thing.  I love the color and well, think they are just darn cute.

Stay tuned for more posts that are related to the best thrifting/yardsale/fun day ever!


  1. LOVE how this turned out! Can't wait to see it in person! That was a great day :)

  2. Did you use a brush or a roller on the chest when you painted it?

  3. I mainly used a roller and on the top drawer had to use a paint brush to get in the crevices. Hope this helps!

  4. Great Transformation on the dresser...
    Would never know it is the same piece.
    I have that exact Pineapple candle... painted mine black. I bought it on a plantation tour, yrs. ago near New Orleans...they said that the pineapple was the symbol for hospitality...

  5. i just bought a whole bedroom set to refinish and your chest of drawers looks almost identical to mine. I planned on painting mine black as well but wanted to "antique" it with a silver oif possible. Have you ever had any luck with something like this?

    thanks, jess

  6. I have never done it with silver...I'm sure it could be done though. If I was doing it I would use a high or semi gloss paint, mix it with water, brush paint it on and immediately wipe it off with a damp cloth. Let me know how it turns out!