April 10, 2011

Restore China Cabinet

Back when Mrs. DeVore and I went thrifting about a month ago we stumbled upon this china cabinet at our local Habitat ReStore.  It was already a low price and then it had my favorite sticker ever on it...50% off.  

So once again, you would never guess... the ornate detailing in the bottom is...drum roll please...PLASTIC!  

This time I was kind of bummed out by this because I wanted to sand and stain it really dark to match my dining room furniture.  Oh well, I guess I need a little spice in my life.  So I decided on keeping with the dark theme and chose black.  Real spicy, huh. 

I sanded everything I could and then taped it all off and put paper grocery bags over the glass.
Primed it and then started the painting.  I used a satin black but I wanted it to be shiney-er than that so I bought a clear gloss enamel.  Bad decision.  It did nothing but leave brush streaks and thick clumps.  I had to re-sand and prime and then some of the paint started peeling off. AH!  At this point I was ready to call it quits.  The only thing that kept me going was all the crap on the dining room table that was supposed to be IN the china cabinet.

I left the inside the orginal wood look.  My theory is that it would help tie in the wood that is already in the dining room.

Sorry for the lack of "stuff" in there.  Mozart is there though.  Found him at a yard sale for $1!


  1. Love how this turned out! This makes me want to go thrifting again soon! Can't wait to see this in person!

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