May 23, 2011

Accidental Craigslist FINDS

My good friend, Melody has been looking for a new dining room table on Craigslist.  She finally found the one she wanted but knew it was going to take some coaxing as far as the hubs was concerned.  She was sweet enough to invite my husband and I to go look at the furniture with them.  Not only was the dining room set GORGEOUS, but the lady was moving and was getting rid of a bunch of other furniture too.

Here is Melody's new dining room set. 

                                                 Check out those amazing chairs!!!


It was posted for $350 Mel went the OBO route and got it for $275!!! She got the dining table with 6 chairs and 2 leaves, a china cabinet, and a buffet.  So far the plan is to paint it all an antique white and make some cushions for the chairs.  I cannot wait to start helping her with it!

My finds consisted of 2 vanities, a desk, a cabinet/nightstand/sidetable, and an amoire.  I will end up keeping 1 of the vanities for my bedroom and then selling the other one in the booth.  I'm also planing on selling the desk.  The amoire will be going in our bonus room to house all of my crafting supplies.  Here they are a few of the finds I could get good pics of (the garage is a bit cramped right now):

Be still my heart...


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