March 28, 2011

Hung up

I can't stand it when all my necklaces are tangled together and it takes 10 minutes just to get the one you want.  Not to mention it always happens when you're already running late.  I can't tell you how many times I'll be digging through the necklaces when from downstairs I'll hear my husband begging for me to "hurry up it's time to go".  To hopefully eliminate this problem I thought I should hang them up so they aren't laying around in a gnarled mess.  I found some "key hangers" at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a few bucks (used a coupon, doesn't everyone have about 10 of them laying around).  My husband so sweetly hung them up for me in our closet and now I won't have to have a fight against all the other necklaces when I just want one!

Sorry for the grainy pics, I was too lazy to pull out the big camera, so iPod pics it is.

By the way, I had fun making dinner tonight.  Who wouldn't when it looks like a Fair in your kitchen???

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