February 15, 2012

The Remains of Valentine's Day

I've been seeing the Valentines mantles all over blogs and Pinterest and figured it would be a free way to add a little Valentine spirit to the living room.
I just found a template for a heart online, printed it, and then cut it out.  Then I took some scrapbook paper I already had and traced the heart and cut those out.  Then I put all the hearts on top of each other and used the hole punch to put a hole on each side.  I wanted to use ribbon but I couldn't find any long enough so I used some thin rope.

Simple.  Easy.  Kind of cute.

I also made the Hubs this Valentine's day card...another shout out to Pinterest...

Do you get it?!

He surprised me with dinner from my favorite noodle place and favorite cupcake place that I don't get to go to anymore since we live 45 minutes away from it.

That would be vanilla bean butter cream on vanilla bean and triple chocolate!  Also known as the way to a 5472124 month pregnant woman's heart!

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