February 17, 2012

Curtain Rods GALORE!

A few weekends ago Hubs and I met some friends at our favorite breakfast spot and after gorging ourselves eating we decided to head over to Lowes for some scrap wall paper I needed for a project.  While we were wandering aimlessly trying to find the wall paper we stumbled upon a sale rack of curtain rods.  There was a only a few there but then we discovered a sign that led us to aisle 15.  It was like a light from up above was shining down on aisle 15.  It was magnificint.  There at the end of the aisle was all the curtain rods you could ever want.  Even though we didn't exactly budget for that this month we decided that this would be the most cost effective way to finish buying curtain rods for the house.  We are talking $40 and $60 rods for $9 people!!!  Needless to say I never did get my wall paper but we walked outta there with 4 rods, 2 fenials and brackets for around $60!!!

Here is the progress of the rods being hung so far:

Rod for the nursery.

Rod for the bonus room.

Mercury glass rod for in the kitchen.  Please ignore the wall patching...we're workin' on that...
allen + roth 72" Sienna Wood Curtain Rod
Similar to the rod we bought for the living room.  We also bought fenials for the ends, brackets, and rings.  We haven't hung this one yet because we are waiting until we get the curtains to make sure the measurements will be correct.
Now it might be a little while until they have curtains hanging from them but at least this part is finished!

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