February 16, 2012

Living Room Progressing...SLOWLY

When we saw our house for the first time it was empty.  It had been a foreclosure and someone bought it and flipped it and then we bought it.  Sweet deal, right?  The fact that it was empty made it seem super spacious.  Fast forward to moving day when we put our living room furniture, piano, and ginormous TV in the room.  Amazing how quickly it shrunk.  We have since moved the ginormous TV upstairs and have bought a smaller one to go in the nook over the fire place.  So now we are left with mismatched furniture and a large piano (well, a Christmas tree too).  The room is such an odd shape and I like for rooms to be open and have a smooth flow of traffic so it made finding furniture for this room even more difficult.  We also had to think ahead (since there is a baby on the way) about all the stuff adorable items that come with a baby. 


We painted the room to make it feel a little more cozy.  The color we chose is made by Behr and is called "Perfect Taupe".  It's a great greige color (greige= gray + beige).  The color of the sectional is called "earth" and is a harvesty color so we wanted to try and even out the tone in the room.  If that makes any sense at all.

We found this sectional as Ashley furniture.  It was under budget but still a little more than what we were wanting to pay for furniture.  We luckily got a Groupon though to help out with the cost.  We've learned the key to bargain shopping for big tickets items is CASH MONEY.  We hope to get an antique chair to refinish to go across the room but for now we are going to hold off on that until we see how much space the little man's stuff actually needs.

Funny story...the before pics have the Christmas decor in them because that is when we bought our new furniture.  Little did we know it wouldn't be February until it arrived.  Good ol' Ashley Furniture lost the other half of our sectional.  Now I've heard of loosing a lucky penny or an earring but a sofa?  Come on now.  That's just crazy talk!  We waited another 2 weeks for it to be deliverd.  Delivery day arrived and I couldn't have been more excited, until they took the plastic off and I noticed the fabric was DAMAGED in one corner.  Totally wouldn't have been a big deal if we purchased off of Craigslist but this was BRAND NEW!  I "REFUSED" the furniture and then we had to wait another 3 WEEKS to get it. 

Where'd we get the rug?  Well I'm glad you asked...it's from BJ's, yeah like the warehouse store...crazy right?!  So soft and cozy.

P.S. The piano...it can be yours for free...we'll help you move it out but after that it's all on you baby!

Media tower was a Salvation Army find.  Big rod in the corner...that's the curtain rod we gotta hang.

The massive nail head trim was a major selling point for me!
The To Do List:
- curtain rods
- paint
- curtains (to make or to buy...that is the question)
- large rug
- wall art
- possible antique chair
- sell pillows and buy/make new ones
-remember....FREE PIANO!

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