October 04, 2012

Stairway Gallery Wall

So while our sweet baby was off in dreamland I decided to get my rear in gear and start on our stairway gallery wall.  

  Booooring before.

I've been collecting things for it for a while now and was just always nervous to put it on the wall.  Do I make them all the same color?  Do I make them 2 different colors?  Do I just let them be?  Do I just do pictures? Do I include a few quotes?  Do you see the dilemma?

So on our dear Pinterest it shows you how to cut out paper the size of your frames and tape them on the wall.  Bleh...who has time for that!?  Not I!  Here is my method...

Lay them out on the floor and guess!  Grab your hammer and nails and have at it.  I only have 3 unnecessary holes in the wall and it will take me less time to patch those than tracing and cutting out paper! 

Here's what it looks like so far.  I'm still debating whether or not to make the frames all one color or just leave them alone.  I have 2 small things to hang in that weird blank spot above the bird but I can't find the right nails in my supply so I'm waiting on hubs to help.  I am probably going to cover the bird canvas with fabric too.

I'm also going to rub n buff over this frame and probably cover up the picture, even though it is kind of neat.

What do you think, 1 color, 2, leave it alone?! 


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