January 13, 2012

Master Bath Curtains

Remember this fabric I bought on clearance at The Depot a while back?  I FINALLY put it to use.

I used it in our master bathroom to make curtains.  These are the first DIY curtains I've ever done.  I completed the project prior to getting my new sewing machine so I took the "no sew" route of using Stitch Witchery.

You can usually find it in your local fabric or craft store.  It's quite inexpensive for how much you get.  All you do is go ahead and cut your fabric and then you use the Stitch Witchery to bond the edges together.  I took an old damp cloth and put it between my fabric and iron and went to town.  It actually took quite a while, but that could have been because I had the TV on :)  You don't do a back and forth motion with the iron, just press it on there until you feel like it has bonded.  Easy, but time consuming.  May the force be with you.


For some reason Kohl's decided to mail us 2 free $10 gift cards so I used them to buy the clip rings to hold up the panels.

The fabric is nice and thick so we can close the curtains if we don't want any light to shine through but we usually leave them hanging the way the are in the below photo. 

Only a few more small tweaks and then the master bath will be finished!

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