September 06, 2012

Vintage Armoire

I promise I'm still alive and kicking over here I've just been taking some time to really enjoy this little cutie...

Look at those rolls!  Ok, enough enough onto furniture...

I bought this vintage armoire over a year ago for $35 and it has been sitting in my garage since then.  It sat in there for so long mainly because I couldn't decide if I should stain or paint it.  

I finally decided to stain it until the hubs and I started the sanding process.  The woodwork on the doors was so intricate that sanding was doing more harm than good.  So now I would be the owner of a painted armoire instead of a stained one.  

First we did some rough sanding on the entire piece and then used spray paint primer.  Then after letting all of that dry I painted the entire thing with 2 coats of an antique white paint.  After letting the paint dry I glazed all the raised up woodwork to help make it stand out more.

To make the glaze I just used some brown paint and added a little bit of water.  I go over how to glaze in this post

 I also bought some new knobs at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off of course).

I'm using this armoire to house all my crafting supplies and our family games!  

ahh...organized fabric.

 To make the armoire look complete I painted the inside a gray blue color that we had left over from our bedroom. 

 This project isn't quite complete yet because I am going to have the hubs install some shelves on the right side to maximize the space.  This is where all the family games with go!

I don't have a good picture of this but I lined the drawers with leftover fabric from the bookshelf makeover I did over a year ago.

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