July 06, 2012

Wall Collage

In our living room above the couch there is a big blank wall.  It has remained blank since we have moved in.  We just didn't know exactly know what to put there so we just left it alone.  We couldn't decide between a big painting/picture or lots of little ones.  Lame.  

So thanks to Pinterest we were able to see our ideas put into action.  By the way...do you follow me on pinterest? 

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I found the frames at Hobby Lobby and they already had the white mattes in them!  Yay!  I waited until they were 50% off and luckily they had exactly six.

I printed out our 8x10 black and white photos from Snapfish because I had found a coupon code so I only had a to pay a few bucks for them.  I went with black and white because I wanted them all to be subtle and I thought with color photos it would be too vibrant.

Check out our leather ottoman!  We scored that bad boy on Craigslist.

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