December 09, 2011

Cheap Centerpiece Idea

With the help of blogs and Pinterest you can find cheap centerpiece ideas just about anywhere these days.  Here is my take on it using what I already had laying around the house.

I had all the ornaments and wreath picks (the greenery) left over from clearence sales that I bought in years past.  The glassware was actually used for our wedding for centerpices.  I bought the table runner last year at Ross.  The only thing I really "crafted" was the pine cones.  I found them all in the back yard and took some "white snow paint"  and just brushed it on the tips. 

I was really hoping to use some sticks I spray painted a sparkly silver in the center vase but after I put them in decided against it because it would be quite difficult to hold a conversation with someone across the table while peering through a silver forest!

Total cost: FREE

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