February 03, 2011


I bought this bench about 5 years ago at Linens-N-Things for about $40.  It was originally over $80 but since it was the floor model they knocked quite a bit off the price.  It matched my bedroom back in the day but not anymore...
Notice my lack of garage and having to do this all outside(bleh).  It hindered the painting process quite a bit.  I quickly learned that the temperature where you are spray painting is crucial.  It was too cold outside and the paint would freeze before it would completely dry.  So, I had to resand, reprime, and repaint.  Therefore this project took way longer than what it should have.  I first primed and then went through about 3 1/2 cans of dark brown satin spray paint.  I ordered a long strip of nailhead trim off of ebay to go on the edges.  I also found some remnant fabric at Hobby Lobby for only $5.  Here is the finally finished project:

Now instead of being tucked away in a bedroom the bench has found a home in our living room in the bay windows.


  1. I LOVE the way this turned out!

  2. Also, I just awarded you the stylish blogger award, check my blog tomorrow and you'll see it!