March 18, 2012

DIY Striped Curtains

So we've seen these all over the blog world and I guess I figured it was my turn to give it a go.  I found these curtains at Tar-jay for about $14!  I was originally planning on using ones from IKEA but the Tar-jay ones ended up being less expensive.

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You can order them online hereYou're welcome Target.

When it comes to having perfectly straight lines I always get nervous and call in the Hubs for help.  I also referred to these 2 great tutorials:

Home Depot had their gallon size Martha Stewart paint on sale for $12 so I picked up a gallon along with some "textile medium" that I found at a local craft store.  I wanted to be able to wash these curtains if need be since they would be in a nursery of a boy (aka probably always going to be dirty).

Since I used the same exact curtains as Reckless Glamour it made life super easy since she already did the measurements ( I HATE math).

It was super easy (just time consuming) to tape off the stripes...until I got to the bottom and one side had less of a stripe than the other.  I called in reinforcements (aka Hubs).  I almost had a breakdown until my phone rang and I chatted for a while with a friend and then by the time I was done Hubs had fixed it all!  I just love him! 
He said that it wasn't really my error that the curtains were sewn wrong...not sure if this is completely true but it made me feel a little better.

While we were working on these it was pretty darn cold so I didn't want to paint these outside and risk the paint freezing before it had time to dry.  We laid down a bunch of cardboard and laid the panels on top of that. 

Then i went to work painting away with a small foam roller.  

Here they are in all their orange glory!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these!!

  2. love these, Meg! they look amazing! the color is fantastic in that room!

  3. I just found your adorable curtains via Pinterest because I am working on the same thing after finding those Target curtains at my local Goodwill. Question? How many coats of paint did you use? I just painted one (a khaki tan color) and when I put them up they looked bad with the light showing behind...they definately need more paint. Ugh which sucks because the taping took FOREVER!!

    1. I did 2 coats of paint and since I removed the paint before letting them dry the same thing happened to me. In the end I hung them up and as the sunlight shone through them I could see the "bad spots". I took a foam brush and touched up where ever the light was shining through. Took a little longer but now I love them!

  4. This gave me the idea of how to solve the huge dilemma I was having in my nursery. Thanks!!!

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