October 06, 2011

Oh Baby!

You have probably noticed the sporatic posts lately.  Gone for 2 weeks and then a post everyday for 3 days in a row, then MIA again.  Well, I have kind of a good explanation for that.  Back in July my husband and I found out we are expecting our first baby!  We are due around the middle of March...and...IT'S A BOY!!!

We are super excited and feel extremely blessed.  I have been super tired so I haven't gotten near as much done redoing things as I would like.  I'm slowly but surely starting to pick back up. 

We actually made our first baby purchase a couple weeks ago.  An Ironman running stroller!  Gotta love Craigslist!

This won't be turning into an "all baby all the time" type blog but it will have us redoing what will soon become the nursery and hopefully some thrifty finds to put in it.

There are a lot of yard sales in our area this week so I'm hoping to hit them up and score big!

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