October 31, 2011

Guest Bedroom

Since our little peanut will be arriving in March I figured I need to get the guestroom finished.  Ya know, just in case someone has the urge to spend the night to help us out those first few nights at home. 

So far all that is in the rom is the headboard I redid a while back,
a full size bed, and a few things to go on the wall.  I was having a super hard time figuring out what I wanted the colors to be in this room but I think I have it narrowed down now.  For the bed linens I would like to have something in grays & whites.  The wall color will be a pale yellow.  The accesories I have for the wall are all white.  I want it to be a cheery room that will look inviting (not that I don't want any of our house to look "not inviting", but you know what I mean, right?). 

Here are some of the bedding options I've been tossing around:
Target Home™ Tile Stitch Quilt - Gray
Simply Shabby Chic® Elegant Neutrals Comforter Set
Room Essentials® Solid Comforter - Gray
DwellStudio® for Target® Andalucia Comforter Set 
Room Essentials® Floral Comforter - Black/Yellow

And there is always Marshalls, Ross, & TJ Maxx.  I am trying to finish out this room for around $100.  Know of any good sales on bedding?


  1. Hi Megg, Congrats on the bundle of joy coming your way! Your redo of the headboard above stopped me from throwing out my old headboard that's just like it. I have plans on following in your footsteps so thank you so much for the inspiration!! Any of the above looks are wonderful and will make your guests feel warm and welcomed!! Shonda

  2. I like bedding option #2, if my opinion counts for anything :-)

  3. Shonda- so glad you didn't throw out your old headboard! Never throw away old furniture! Someone's trash is another person's treasure (see my "dumpster diving" post). There is a tutorial on the headboard somewhere on here!

    Kelley- I'm leaning towards option 2 as well! Of course your opinion counts! Hope you and Brice are doing well!!!

  4. I vote for bedding 2 and 4! I saw a cute thing on pinterest too... someone wrote on their guest room wall "be our guest..." in cursive. so cute! gotta love any reference to a Disney movie =)

  5. Megg - I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award at www.thestuffofsuccess.com. Swing by and check it out. thanks Athena