July 18, 2011


I have not been kidnapped, I promise!  The hubs and I have been super busy getting some things done around the house.  I have also started working FULL time.  Every night when I get home now I just want to crash.  Crashing leaves not much time for projects.  I have discovered a new love though. 


I just love to watch the little ticker thing pop up showing what the most recently listed items are.  I didn't know some of these things existed and wow, they are great for new ideas! 

Here are some of my favorite things:

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Birdnest Pendant, White Glass Pearls, Leaf Charm

Le Jardin- Summer 2011  Vintage Collage Necklace

Napping Flamingo on the Beach 8x10 Print

LOVE flamingos!
GO TO the GYM Felt Applique Pillow 14x18 inch charcoal and fuchsia

How appropriate is this, you go to sit down on the couch and your throw pillow is telling you to do something else.


  1. Freaking LOVE that pink necklace! What a gem :)

  2. i love that "go to the gym" pillow!! do you do custom colors?