June 15, 2011

Master Bath During...

Here it is in all of it's gray glory.  We tried to skimp out and do just 1 coat but that didn't work out so well. 

I've never had a stand up shower before and I have never liked the way they look so here is my solution to the problem.

Mrs. DeVore and I found this fabric at The Depot over the weekend when we were supposed to be selling our stuff at the yard sale there.  I am going to make 2 curtain panels out of it for the window.  I guess I have to learn how to sew...

We still have a little bit to do in here.
 I would like to:
- hang a chandelier over the tub
- frame in the mirror
- make curtains
- hang curtains
- hang 2 shelves, 1 on each side of the sinks to get stuff off of the counters
- get new hand towels
- get the extra crap outta the tub!

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