April 18, 2011

Master Debacle

The very first room I wanted to paint in the new house was the master bedroom.  Our comforter has a dark brown damask design on top of a shiny pale stormy blue so I wanted to do the walls in a similar color family.  The color I choose was "Skylight View" from Lowes.  I didn't want to use paint from Lowes (I've heard Behr is better) so I had Home Depot match it. 

I was so excited the day I bought it.  To me, this officially meant that I was a home owner now.  My husband wanted to help me paint so we waited until that weekend when both of us would be home.  The day was finally upon us, I was bursting with excitement.

Until the paint went on the walls.
Holy baby boy nursery blue Batman!!!

I kept telling myself it would dry a different color.  We got an entire wall and half of another one fully painted.  It was awful.  I had a breakdown.  I cried.  My husband questioned my ability to pick out a color.  It was awful.

Back to Home Depot we went.  We went to the paint counter begging someone to please help us.  This was our last hope, or so we thought.  The burnt out artist hippie guy mixed and mixed and mixed.  Finally we were getting somewhere.  He said this was as good as it gets.  We said thanks, went home and started again.  To our surprise it was hardly different at all.

To the garage we went.  We poured some of my black paint into it to get more the the stormy blue gray we were looking for.  Back to the bedroom (which is the name of a great Janet Evanovich book...go check it out)

Tooooo dark.

Back to the garage.  Added some white paint.  Still not right.  


So my husband had the brilliant idea to just pour the color we have now to the rest of the white paint instead of adding so much white paint (this probably makes no sense whatsoever typed out).  THIS was our LAST hope.  At this point in the process I'm pretty sure my husband was rethinking me.

In the process of opening the big jug of white paint we had a little accident.

Paint on the face.  At least we got a little laugh out of it.  We needed that.

FINALLY!  I think This is the color we have been looking for.  

Stay tuned for the final reveal.

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  1. oh my GOSH, Meghan! What a crazy fiasco! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!