March 03, 2011


With the closing of our new house fast approaching my wheels are spinning on what to do first when we get in there.  Due to the absolutely wonderful weather we have been having I'm thinking about starting on the yard first.  Our new backyard will be needing a makeover.  It has quite a bit of potential but for now it's pretty drab.  There is a retaining wall that pretty much divides the back yard in half.  It is just made out of some long pieces of wood.  I would love to replace that with some big stone blocks, add stairs to the hill part and make the wooded upper half of the backyard into a "Secret Garden" if you will.  I would really like to make a big fire pit with some seating for lots of fun summer nights with s'mores!  Here are some of my ideas:

These steps are a bit more extravagent than what I was thinking but they are gorgeous!

I love the tiered levels here.  This is ultimately what I would like to do so we aren't just staring out our windows at a big gray wall.  This approach is a lot more expensive though. 

Outdoor Fire Designs provided by Outdoor Fire Designs Spokane 99205
This has nothing to do with what I can do in the backyard I just thought it was sexy very nice looking.... a girl can dream...

I can't decide if I would want to do an actual fire "pit" like this or a fire "place" like that
So let's face it...the fire "pit" will most likely be less expensive and then everyone can sit around it and roast their marshmallows.  The fire place is so pretty though.

We are only about 8 days until we get into the new house!  WOOHOO!

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