January 29, 2011

The Start of the Pantry Makeover

Lately I have been getting really frustrated with our pantry.  There is stuff everywhere!  The bad part is that it's stuff we need to live!  I have been completely inspired by all the other blogs posting about "pantry makeovers".  I'm going to tackle this thing step by step though.  You would think we are a family of 8 by all the food we have, when in all reality it is just the 2 of us!  
I bought these canisters at Ross for about $5 a pop (I know, I know, they were pricey, but I had a gift card):

The ones with the black and silver lids came in a set for $8, a little bit cheaper but they don't hold as much.
I am hoping to make some neato labels for them in the near future.

To help with the extreme makeover I stopped by Goodwill today and found this basket for 99 cents:

I spray painted it with some white paint I already had and Ta Da!  

Grilling packets and seasonings all in one special place.  Whew. Now I can sleep tonight!

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  1. Looks great! a little organization always makes me sleep better at night :)